3 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Efficiency

Hiring is hard. It’s even harder when you are a small team, or even a single person, trying to manage the entire process from start to finish. Reviewing resumes, contacting candidates, setting up interviews and writing offer letters takes time! Multiply that by the number of open positions you have, and the number of candidates applying to those positions - and, let’s not forget about advertising for your open positions - it’s no wonder you might be feeling overwhelmed. Luckily, there are some cheap (or free!) and easy ways to manage some of this work, which can both increase your efficiency and improve the candidate experience.

5 Key Learnings from the New Work Summit

In early March, I had the opportunity to attend the New Work Summit hosted by the New York Times in Half Moon Bay California. The conference was attended by an impressive array of speakers and an equally impressive collection of delegates who serve as executive leaders of some of the nation’s most successful companies. The summit was an opportunity for us to share best practices and strategies for building employee engagement and positive organizational culture. Here are my top five takeaways from the summit:

The 7 Principles of Genuine Conversations

The 7 Principles of Genuine Conversations

We can’t engage the people who work for us unless we are able to foster open dialogue - what we call Genuine conversations. Conversations that are authentic and based on truth, understanding and respect. A respect that is communicated in a transparent manner without posturing, pretense or politics. These are the fundamentals of the high quality relationships we create in our personal lives and they are no less valuable at work.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Employee Happiness

5 Easy Ways to Increase Employee Happiness

Employee happiness is your business and is fundamental to securing peak team performance, promoting creativity, achieving operational efficiency and to reaching our organization's strategic goals. Try one or more of these five easy ways to bolster employee happiness on your team. These are some of our favorite "culture hacks" which have also been established as efficacious by peer reviewed university studies. Please share your experience using them in the comments section that follows. 

Online Nonprofit Institute Webinar: 12/7/16 2:30pm ET

It might be surprising, but few managers believe that their current approaches to performance management drive positive outcomes for their employees and businesses. It’s no surprise when most reviews consist of complex checklists and awkwardly formal meetings twice a year. Research and common sense says there’s a better way! Together, we’ll explore a new option for performance management, as piloted by Citizen Schools at its headquarters and across its 25+ sites of operations.

HR Policy Bulletin: Overtime Pay

Yesterday, the Department of Labor (DOL) released its final changes to Part 541 of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which relates to overtime exemptions. News outlets have been reporting widely on the potential for this change for over a year and it has received significant amounts of opposition from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and business owners alike. For the most part, business owners opposed the mandated increase in salary for exempt employees and the automatic increases that will take effect every three years. Press attention connecting this DOL ruling to employee welfare and the race for the Presidency has rightly amplified the discussion about this important issue - regardless of your political views.

Citizen Schools Announced Partnership with Positively Partners

Citizen Schools' new CEO Emily McCann announced the organizations' partnership with Positively Partners at its Q2 Town Hall meeting last week. This new partnership is a key component of the education reform nonprofit's restructure of its national office.