Inspire Excellence

Employee happiness and engagement is the path to sustained peak performance. Many organizations collect employee perceptions, but only the best are successful at building, sustaining and leveraging employee engagement. Let's take action to ignite employee excellence together.

Power your organization with the evidence-based practices, systems and tools to ignite employee engagement and magnify impact:

Hire for Mindset

Hire a team with the right mix of strengths, mindsets, emotional intelligence and skills to achieve excellence.

Leadership Development

Grow your leaders to use their personal strengths to overcome barriers and consistently inspire the best from others.

Performance Management

Replace the dreaded annual review with quarterly conversations that inspire peak performance.

Culture & Well-being

Don't just measure employee satisfaction, shape your organization's culture to reinforce desired behaviors.


Employee engagement directly drives the success and financial viability of your organization through the Service Profit Chain:

As experts in the fields of positively psychology, human resources and people technology, our team is uniquely positioned to implement the evidence-based practices, systems and tools that build employee engagement and productivity as the building blocks required for accelerated growth and impact.