Recruitment Manager: boston, ma


We’re on a journey, as a new and fast growing nonprofit organization, to normalize educational opportunity in ways that best position college students to be change agents in their communities and the broader world. Our mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of problem solvers or humanity’s tough challenges.

As our Recruitment Manager, you’ll use your personal and professional strengths to help us find, position and empower tomorrow’s leaders of social innovation. You’ll use your strong voice and ability to foster deep interpersonal relationships with students and on-campus advocates, such as professors, deans and student groups, to promote our credit bearing internships and education program. And you’ll also work to erase barriers to enrollment by helping students identify and mitigate the real world challenges that limit equal access to programs like ours.

In a few weeks, we’ll graduate our first cohort of Social innovation Fellows who participated in semester long, fully-credited, experiential learning opportunities. We expect to double the number of fellows enrolled during the spring semester and to do it again for the fall. This means that over 100 students will have meaningful, accessible and life changing work experiences that best position them to ignite positive social change throughout Boston and the surrounding communities. Your work will help us to continue to enroll more students each semester and to ensure that 60% of the students enrolled are first generation college students, people of color and/or from low-income communities. Success will come through a combination of strategic outreach and an unrelenting passion for student-by-student outreach, engagement and stewardship through the application process.

We are working to build a movement, by creating exceptional change agents one college student at a time. We’ll rely on your leadership to advance this important work in a team-based culture focused on excellence, collaboration and growth. You’ll be surrounded by peers who are as passionate as you are about social change, equity and educational access and you’ll be supervised by one of our co-founders with decades of experience as social entrepreneurs and mentors of nonprofit leaders.

We’re eager to talk to you if this fast pace of growth and opportunity to ignite transformative change in young people excites you at your core. Please be sure to submit your resume and a thoughtful cover letter that explains why you are uniquely suited to this work and to the role described below. We appreciate your time and will review and respond to all applications received.


★ College Recruitment Strategy & Execution

  • Manage a portfolio of colleges and universities to source talented future change agents  
  • Work collaboratively with university partners to develop marketing plans for campuses based on student demographic and recruitment targets; identify multiple access points to reach students at portfolio schools
  • Build relationships with campus faculty members, career service representatives, advisors, student leaders and key student groups on campus
  • Advertise for and hire 1-3 Recruitment Specialists to assist in outreach and hiring efforts on particular campuses; manage performance to ensure that Recruitment Specialists drive results
  • Staff high profile career fairs within designated campuses; attend national recruitment events as necessary
  • Develop and implement comprehensive web-based recruitment campaigns
  • Plan, organize and implement university-based recruitment events (e.g., information sessions, interviews, prospect meetings)
  • Plan and facilitate targeted recruitment campaigns with current Fellows and Alumni
  • In partnership with the team, drive highly organized engagement campaigns informed by students’ particular motivations and concerns

★ Analysis, Administration & Cross-Functional Support for Enrollment

  • Collect and report on data that highlights success, challenges, and potential adaptations to recruitment strategies
  • Analyze efficacy of recruitment strategies on campus to inform decisions to change, evolve or abandon strategies
  • Conduct relevant research, and maintain comprehensive documentation of campaign progress, through use of relevant databases and tracking systems
  • Coordinate personal travel to and within designated campuses
  • Manage regional recruitment budget and expenses; evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various recruitment strategies
  • At key points in the enrollment cycle, conduct interviews and make selection recommendations in partnership with other members of the team


The College for Social Innovation is all about building community, achieving exceptional results together as a team and empowering our staff and fellows to use their personal talents to achieve excellence. If you have the passion, drive, mindset and strength to help us reach our goal of recruiting and enrolling hundreds of new fellows, then we want to hear from you!

While there is no perfect resume, we will likely be most interested in your application if you fulfill most or all of the following:

  • You can’t get enough of people: rowing and nurturing new relationships energizes you. You love to meet new people and to foster connections that empower others to excel. You're known for the bridges you build and the high quality connections you broker. It's your strength and you can't hide the smile it brings to you and those around you.
  • You’re curious and enjoy learning: We’re constantly faced with new opportunities and a changing political and bureaucratic landscape. We value people who are inquisitive and passionate about their work. People who learn the rules of the game and then find ways to foster change through incremental innovation that is inclusive of stakeholders.
  • You're a collaborator: e’re always up for helping each other and learning from one another, and we often work in groups. Your personal contributions matter, but are all the more impactful when they align with those of your peers and members of our broader community of partners.
  • You have strong communication skills: xplaining complex ideas in ways that everyone can understand is a daily part of our work. At the same time, listening with empathy is key to understanding diverse perspectives and the full scope of barriers that we need to overcome to reach our goals.
  • You like to take initiative: e’re often faced with situations where the next step isn’t clear, but we're big believers in experimenting and testing new ideas to find the best solution. We learn along the way and incorporate the feedback we need to hear to back our ideas work better.
  • You’re invigorated by the idea of social change: You look for new and creative ways to problem solve; you’re not too worried about failure to take a chance and you are compelled by the power and activism that exists within each of us. Like us, you want to build and mobilize of movement of students that are inspired by the access to an opportunity for meaningful social change.
  • You value and are willing to work towards equity and access to educational opportunitie for all student: Your goal will be to attract a cohort of fellows that is predominantly composed of people of color, first generation college students and students who receive financial aid. This means that you will need to be focused on overcoming the barriers that may exist to prevent all students from taking advantage of programming like ours. You’ll be driven to help students identify solutions that help those who are qualified take full advantage of our program as an opportunity for growth and development.
  • You are generous and kin: We value each other. We set a high standard for taking care of each other and ourselves and expect kindness and a generosity of spirit at all times.

In addition, some of the following prior work experiences will be important to success in the role:

  • 3+ years of successful sales or recruitment experience
  • 2+ years of leadership experience, including hiring, on-boarding, coaching or forecasting
  • Ability to use and interpret data to identify trends, coaching opportunities and possible shortcomings
  • Ability to prioritize the organization’s core values and the best interests of the college students you meet
  • Experience with managing leads, outreach campaigns, email templates in a CRM


  • Salary is commensurate with experience
  • Health benefits with 80% covered by CfSI and 20% covered by the employee
  • MBTA MonthlyLink bus and subway pass (valued at $83/month)
  • Cell phone reimbursement (valued at up to $80/month)
  • 21 vacation/personal days plus 13 organizational holiday days per year
  • Access to regular and ongoing feedback and professional development opportunities internally and ability to leverage organizational resources to seek additional development opportunities externally
  • Ability to closely collaborate with Co-Founders Lisa Jackson and Eric Schwarz, the organization’s top leaders who are fully committed to the success of the Recruitment Manager


College for Social Innovation brings together colleges and social sector organizations to create fully-credited experiential learning opportunities that are meaningful, accessible, and life-changing. Our college students, referred to as Social Innovation fellows, build skills, a digital portfolio, and a network, putting them on track to become the next generation of problem solvers for humanity’s tough challenges.

Our founding cohort of Social Innovation fellows come primarily from University of New Hampshire and Clark University, but ultimately we aim to build a movement to make it common for millions of college students -- representing the full diversity of the nation -- to get access to well-structured internships where they learn from real-world experiences, a mentor, and a rigorous skill-building curriculum and gain access to careers in the fast-growing social sector.