Management Trainings

Meaningful Accountability

Learn how to set goals with your direct reports and to position yourself as an advocate (road block eliminator) who can help facilitate achievement. Too often managers position themselves as judges and evaluators in ways that cause employees to disconnect. Get the best from your employees by fostering meaningful accountability anchored in a shared vision of success.

Defining Culture and Norms

Position your team for success by establishing clear expectations about how your team works together and treats each other.  This collaborative, whole group exercise gives members the opportunity to learn social contracting through doing. Learn the Form, Storm, Norm, Perform model and then how to set norms through social contracting to accelerate the path to ”perform.”

Holding Effective Team Meetings and 1:1s

Get the most out of your meetings by leveraging proven techniques that cultivate participation and help to focus discussions on what is most important.  Learn how to apply the 3C model to lead team meetings and the O3 model for conducting one-to-one with your direct reports. This is a fun workshop that includes role plays, filming and video plays to uncover the role of body language and tone in communication.

Getting the Best from Others

Learn the science of job crafting developed by professors at Yale and the University of Michigan. You’ll learn how to assign and manage tasks so you have “the right person in the right place at the right time.” And most importantly, you’ll know how to engage staff in the process so that they feel empowered and engaged.

Leading with Strengths

Building on the “Know Your Strengths” training, learn how to utilize your personal talents to get the best from others. Get others to want to follow you and offer their discretionary effort to achieve more. Leadership isn’t about giving orders, people only perform when they want to.  You learn how to set a clear direction, empowering your team to use their individual strengths, and find out more about your own strengths and how they can position you to be a top notch motivator of people.