Holding Effective Team Meetings and 1:1s

Get the most out of your meetings by leveraging proven techniques that cultivate participation and help to focus discussions on what is most important.  Learn how to apply the 3C model to lead team meetings and the O3 model for conducting one-to-one with your direct reports. This is a fun workshop that includes role plays, filming and video plays to uncover the role of body language and tone in communication.

The Gift of Feedback

End your fear of feedback once and for all. Share your needs with your boss openly, respectfully and with confidence. Learn how to share your insights with peers and to be an accountability partner to the members of your team. And of course, you’ll learn how to listen for, receive and incorporate feedback too. Through this workshop, you’ll begin to see feedback as a gift that fosters trust, encourages transparency and demonstrates the power of a perspective different than your own.