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Gettin’ It ALL Done

A fun and interactive return to the brass-tacks on time management, prioritization and working to meet deadlines. By the end of the session you will be using some new tools to maximize your work day and find more time for family, joy and well-being without any decrease in productivity. In fact, we are pretty sure your productivity will increase even if you work a few less hours in the evening! A workshop that is not to be missed.

Identifying and Combatting Cognitive Bias

Conventional thinking has us believing that  we are rational beings able to make sound decisions based on our own impressions of the world. In reality, our brain can’t take in and process all that is around us so we edit and skip what initially view as less important. Together, we will come to understand the root of cognitive biases, our tendencies to make decisions or take action based on a limited set of information. You’ll learn how to use the ladder of inference, to play the “what if” game and to declare the assumptions and biases that can keep you and your team from performing at its best.

The Gift of Feedback

End your fear of feedback once and for all. Share your needs with your boss openly, respectfully and with confidence. Learn how to share your insights with peers and to be an accountability partner to the members of your team. And of course, you’ll learn how to listen for, receive and incorporate feedback too. Through this workshop, you’ll begin to see feedback as a gift that fosters trust, encourages transparency and demonstrates the power of a perspective different than your own.

Growth Mindset

Fixed mindsets don’t allow us to learn and grow from the experiences and feedback that we encounter each and every day. Learn about the value of a growth mindset and how to change your mindset in ways that will promote your creativity, deepen your collaboration with others and accelerate personal performance and that of your teams.

Know Your Strengths

Learn what you are best at and how to leverage your personal talents to excel at work. When you use your strengths you can achieve performance increases of up to 400% and feel fully energized and empowered in the process. This isn’t about ignoring weaknesses, we’ll teach you how to address these too while keeping your focus on the key drivers of performance.