Fast-forward the growth and development of high performers and teams

Create leadership pathways that identify signature and situational strengths using the VIA Profile and teach participants to use their unique abilities to: overcome challenges and combat stress; build community and foster collaboration; lead change and address conflict; and inspire and enable others to achieve excellence. 

It takes a plan (M.A.P.S., if you will) to develop emerging leaders and high performing staff. Let's create a customized approach to leadership development for an "up and comer" or build a full pipeline of leaders for the future. Through the four components of M.A.P.S., you'll develop leaders with the skills and mindsets to thrive in your workplace for years to come. 

+ Mentors

We will help you identify internal and/or external champions to work side by side with leaders to deliver personalized, integrated and evidence-based coaching.

+ Apprenticeships

So much of being a strong leader and manager must be learned on the job. Together, we'll create scaffolded, hands-on learning experiences that develop key skills and competencies such as self awareness, leadership presence and equanimity.

+ Partners

We will help you choose from the high quality programming available from Positively Partners, universities and leading experts to compliment internal offerings.

+ Structured Learning

Our experts in adult learning will create cohort based leadership development programs and "just in time" resources that reinforce key management behaviors and foster mastery of targeted leadership competencies.