Sasha Abby VanDerzee

sasha abby vanderzee

Sasha Abby VanDerzee is a Senior Consultant who specializes in the recruitment process, operations/workflow and corporate culture/wellbeing. 

Sasha has held leadership positions at City on a Hill Charter Public Schools and Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  For the past decade she has served in many different capacities but she has always remained a problem-solver with a focus on program management, program design, staff management and recruitment/mentorship of staff. She is currently serving as the Board President of the local and nationally recognized, award-winning non-profit Company One Theatre in Boston, MA after spending many years on the board of directors.  

Sasha earned her EdD in Organizational Leadership and Communication from the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University. Her dissertation research is titled "The Relationship Between Sense Of Virtual Community And Work/Family Conflict In Working Parents.” In addition to her terminal degree, Dr. Abby VanDerzee holds an M.S. from Northeastern University and a B.A. from Clark University. She lives is in Boston with her husband and two sons.