meaningfully accelerate performance

Implement an approach to accountability and performance development that successfully cultivates the safety, mission-fit, sense of belonging and deep engagement needed to drive employees to be their best.

Traditional approaches to performance management often create a sense of dread and a desire toward self-protection that stifles performance. Avoid the once a year performance appraisals and check lists and instead create the conditions for creativity, personal growth and sustained peak performance.

Dr. Rock's NeuroLeadership Model


Meaningful Accountability is a scaffolded approach to individual goal setting and quarterly performance conversations shown to build trust and collaboration between managers and their direct reports.

Our team of experts will work with you and your team to create a customized approach designed to best drive performance within your organization. Our promise is that there won't be a checkbox in sight and the emphasis will be on promoting open dialogue that clarifies expectations, grows autonomy, facilitates constructive feedback, builds trust and enables professional development. It's founded in positive psychology, neuroscience and frankly common sense! 

Below are some of the services we offer to promote meaningful accountability within your organization. 


Tailor systems and approaches to your organization's culture and strategic needs.


Clarify roles, responsibilities and deliverables by employee or cohort.


Identify the key behaviors and organizational values that will serve as the foundation for professional development, performance improvement plans and define expectations for living the values of your professional community.


Harness the power of technology to promote adoption, synthesize data from available sources for reporting and make data available through dashboards and reporting.


Position managers to set goals and conduct performance conversations with their direct reports in ways that build trust, promote bi-directional feedback and accelerate employee performance.


Support the transition to meaningful accountability with a custom change management plan that accelerates user adoption.


Meeting your manager once a year for an annual review consisting of checkboxes and 1 to 5 ratings isn't going to promote performance excellence or build trust. Thats why over 95% of managers, and an equal number of individual contributors, tell us the tools their organizations use for performance reviews aren't fit for purpose.

Meaningful accountability helps to foster high quality connections through quarterly performance conversations that clarify expectations, task enable, promote growth mindset, recognize meaningful contributions and encourage professional growth.