Employee Happiness is Your Business

employee happiness

When, a year ago, I shared with my parents my plans to launch a social enterprise aimed at increasing employee happiness and engagement across schools and nonprofits, they were supportive yet concerned. I heard from them, and their equally accomplished friends, a more vulgar version of, “if I spoke about happiness as a leader in my day my boss would have kicked me in the head.” And maybe, that’s enough said and we can leave it at management styles differ across times and generations. Yet, I don’t think it is enough. I suspect there may still be equal numbers of managers today who believe that they can buy, cajole, threaten or otherwise force their employees to perform.

At Positively Partners, we’re working hand-in-hand with managers to demonstrate that employee happiness is your business - literally. Productivity, surplus/profits, employee retention and efficiency are all driven by the happiness and well-being of employees. When employees thrive, so does your organization.

Check out some of these key strategic benefits of happy employees. We’ve provided links with additional details for the curious and those who require a bit more convincing. Let’s share these concrete benefits as an opportunity to end the remnants of “kick in the %$$ management” and motivate more employees for good -- for their communities and us all.


1. We're more productive when we're happy

University studies demonstrate the power of that "blue bird on your shoulder." Employee happiness and well-being are responsible for as much as 25% of the variance in job performance between workers, and promotes problem solving and creativity, too.


2. Happy employees = hefty profits

Revenues increased by an average of more than 22% in one year for the companies recognized in Fortune's 2014 100 Best Companies to Work For.


3. Happy to stick around

Happy employees are more productive and 87% less likely to leave. By keeping employees happy you'll save the cost of replacement and retraining, which is estimated an one half to five times an employee's salary.


4. Smooth operator

Companies with highly engaged employees saw a 19.2% growth in operating income over a 12-month period.


Learn how we can help optimize your organization's results by cultivating a culture that promotes well-being, innovation, collaboration and accountability.