5 Easy Ways to Increase Employee Happiness

Employee happiness is your business and is fundamental to securing peak team performance, promoting creativity, achieving operational efficiency and to reaching your organization's strategic goals. Try one or more of these five easy ways to bolster employee happiness on your team. These are some of our favorite "culture hacks" and each has been vetted by peer reviewed university studies. 

1. Spice it up

Assign a variety of tasks to your direct reports and be sure to help each focus on work best aligned with their strengths, values and individual sense of purpose. Job crafting , a step-by-step process developed by U of M, can help empower employees to make these connections and is available to order online.

2. Promote Independence

No one likes to be micromanaged. Promote independence of your direct reports and be sure to teach other managers how to assign appropriately challenging work that is matched to the ability of each employee. When work is well matched, frequent interventions aren't required and managers can assist by invitation when needed to address unexpected challenges. 

3. Share Openly

Fairness is deeply rewarding to the brain whilst unfairness can trigger a threat response that erodes productivity and engagement. Employees feel safer in transparent environment - finding deeper connection to the organizational mission and greater opportunities to work independently to achieve high quality results.  We suggestion you lock down what is personal or legally confidential and allow your team access to virtually all else. Check out radical transparency to see transparency at its most extreme - and its working. 

4. Rearrange the Furniture

Not sure if you are ready to pass out keys to your file drawers just yet? Let your team move the cabinets, and all the rest of the furniture, around the office instead. You are likely to see a lift in employee performance by as much as 30% when you allow staff to design the layout of their own workspaces.

5. Have Faith

People of faith, no matter their beliefs, are happier than nonbelievers and employees who feel able to discuss their religious beliefs and practices at work are more deeply engaged than those who can't. Proselytizing of course is out, but helping employees to bring their authentic selves to work is definitely all in.  

Please click below for more information on these five or for support cultivating happiness and employee engagement at your organization. Positively Partners works hands-on with schools and nonprofit organizations to hire employees with the mindsets needed to thrive, cultivate peak employee performance, grow highly effective leaders and foster a positive organizational culture of excellence.