Citizen Schools Announced Partnership with Positively Partners

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Citizen Schools' new CEO Emily McCann announced the organizations' partnership with Positively Partners at its Q2 Town Hall meeting last week. This new partnership is a key component of the education reform nonprofit's restructure of its national office.

You can review the post celebrating this new collaboration or read excerpts below that highlight key aspects of our work together focusing on: growing employee engagement, bolstering candidate attraction and providing flexible strategic and project-based leadership.

"Positively Partners helps Citizen Schools fulfill our mission through support of our most important asset: our employees. Jill, Adam and Rory know well our organization and deliver, consistently, the highest quality of service, strategic leadership support and technology innovation. They have tremendous individual talent and real strength as a team. This is a model of true partnership." - Emily McCann, CEO Citizen Schools

Emily shared that the  restructure of the organization's national office provides "an opportunity to identify specialist services that can be outsourced on a per project basis to meet the evolving needs of our network. Our engagement of Positively Partners is an example of how the organization can add specialist capacity, at reduced overall cost, through outsourcing."

Positively Partners was recently launched by three Citizen Schools’ employees: Adam Maurer, Jill Smerkers and Rory Smith. Positively Partners works with schools and nonprofit organizations to grow leaders, promote employee retention and introduce strengths-based approaches to management. The professional and technical expertise of Positively Partners, complemented by the institutional knowledge held by its founders, positions the team to focus on projects related to:

  • Development pathways for employees and Teaching Fellows

  • Strengths-based leadership practices

  • Interview and Selection Practices

  • Candidate attraction techniques

  • HR Compliance

  • Employee Support and Wellbeing

What makes this partnership unique is our ability to ratchet up or down the services provided to meet the specific needs of the organization as it grows and evolves. Through our ongoing partnership with Positively Partners, we have a team available who can provide strategic leadership, functional expertise and lead projects to refine HR process, upgrade our people technology or create and deliver trainings and because the work is outsourced we access experienced talent, when we need it, at lower cost to the organization.