MNN annual Conference 2016

We are pleased to be presenting at the MNN Annual Conference on November 2, 2016. Learn more about our workshop on meaningful accountability, in workshop session II.

Meaningful Accountability: A New Approach to Performance Management

Fewer than 3% of managers believe that their current approaches to performance management lead to positive outcomes for their employees and businesses. It’s no surprise when most review processes consist of complex checklists and awkwardly formal meetings twice a year. Research and common sense say that there’s a better way! In this workshop, we’ll explore a new option for performance management, as piloted by Citizen Schools. Grounded in the field of Positive Psychology and the science of high performance, we’ll share best practices that position managers and organization leaders to facilitate genuine conversations and leverage employee strengths to solve challenges and drive achievement. Participants will leave the session with the tools and mindsets needed to immediately implement performance conversations to increase employee engagement and enhance the performance quality of their direct reports.